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Picture Schedule

Tuesday May 28th4:45-5:00pm Combo Ballet/Musical Theatre

Tuesday May 28th5:00-5:30pm Combo Ballet/Tap

Wednesday May 29th4:45-5:15pm Combo Ballet/Hip Hop

Wednesday May 29th5:15-5:30pm Irish Step Dance Level 1

Wednesday May 29th5:30-5:45pm Grades 1-3 Musical Theatre

Wednesday May 29th5:45-6:00pm Grades 4-6 Hip Hop

Wednesday May 29th6:00-6:15pm Grades 4-6 Jazz

Wednesday May 29th6:15-6:25pm Grades 4-6 Musical Theatre

Wednesday May 29th6:25-6:45pm Cheer/Chant

Wednesday May 29th6:45-6:50pm Grades 7-12 Jazz

Wednesday May 29th6:50-7:00pm Grades 7-12 Tap

Wednesday May 29th7:00-7:15pm Grades 7-12 Hip Hop

Wednesday May 29th7:15-7:30pm Grades 7-12 Musical Theatre

Wednesday May 29th7:30pm Recreational Solos

Thursday May 30th5:00-5:15pm Irish Step Dance Level 2

Thursday May 30th5:15-5:35pm Grades 1-3 Hip Hop

Thursday May 30th5:35-5:55pm Grades 1-3 Jazz

Thursday May 30th5:55-6:05pm Grades 1-3 Tap

Thursday May 30th6:05-6:15pmSwagga Crew

Friday May 31st5:00-5:10pmPreCreative Movement (2 year old class)

Friday May 31st5:10-5:30pmCreative Movement (3 year old class)

***Pictures WILL TAKE THE PLACE OF REGULAR CLASSES Tuesday May 28th through Thursday May 30th, therefore there will NOT be classes held on Tuesday May 28th, Wednesday May 29th, and Thursday May 30th.  There will be regular class on Friday May 31st and Saturday June 1st. ***

-Picture service will be provided by a third party vendor, Forevermore Studios, Massena.  Tap to Toe Studio of Dance is not responsible for picture service including but not limited to distribution of photographs, questions about services rendered, or any applicable information pertaining to photographs beside the schedule.  Please direct any questions about picture service and photographs to Forevermore Studios at

-Even if you do not wish to purchase pictures PLEASE BE PRESENT for photo time listed above and participate in the picture itself as it is a keepsake for the 2018-2019 dance season that we want to preserve for years to come.  Please arrive at the studio 15 minutes before scheduled time with order form FULLY FILLED OUT and form of payment ready.  Please fill out a SEPARATE ORDER FORM for every dance you are in and purchasing photographs of.  Please arrive at the studio in full costume, hair, and makeup ready to take pictures 15 minutes before scheduled time.  There will be limited area for changing so please do not change at the studio if not necessary. Teachers and choreographers will be at the studio to aid with pictures but please be prepared with a pose that you would like to do for your individual photo if you will be doing one, teachers will set the group photos.  NO PARENTS ALLOWED IN THE STUDIO DURING PHOTOS. Please wait for your student in the lobby area of the studio.  We have a very limited amount of time to take photos and if there are too many opinions, questions, or distractions we will not be able to stay on schedule OR achieve genuine, unique photos.  THANK YOU for your understanding and cooperation.  We are excited to be able to offer this service to our students once again. 

Recital Information


Tap to Toe Studio of Dance Annual Recital 2019

Saturday June 15th

Massena Central High School Auditorium

Matinee I-11:00am

Matinee II-2:00pm


***All moneys (including June’s tuition) must be paid in full by Monday June 3rd.  If a student still has an outstanding balance after this date, they will not be able to participate in the rehearsals and/or the recital.***

-Technical Rehearsal for the recital will be Monday June 10th at Massena Central High School Auditorium. Tech Rehearsal is to get the students up on stage and get their jitters out before any of our “shows” (a show includes a dress rehearsal.)  You DO NOT wear costumes, hair, or makeup on this day.  Come in dance attire and the correct shoes.  Attached is the schedule for tech rehearsal.  EVERYONE (scheduled) MUST ATTEND TECH REHEARSAL!!!  Technical Rehearsal has times for each recreational dance, you only need to attend your scheduled time for tech rehearsal.  At Technical Rehearsal we will run each dance more than once so please wait until you are dismissed to leave.  At Technical Rehearsal we will also walk each group (along with their parents) backstage so you can see where to drop off and pick up your students, we will do this before you get on stage and perform your dances so please be on time for your scheduled Technical Rehearsal slot.    

-Dress Rehearsal for the Evening Recital will be Tuesday June 11th starting at 5:00pm at Massena Central High School Auditorium.

-Dress Rehearsal for the Matinee Recital I (11am) will be Thursday June 13th at 5:00pm at Massena Central High School Auditorium.

-Dress Rehearsal for the Matinee Recital II (2pm) will be Thursday June 13th at 6:45pm at Massena Central High School Auditorium.

-For all Dress Rehearsals, we will follow the recital schedule exactly.  Hair, makeup, and costumes are to be exactly as they will be the day of the recital.  Dress Rehearsal is meant to be an exact replica of the show, it is another chance to “put all the pieces together” so the students can be as comfortable as possible with the stage and their surroundings to create a magical show!  Please treat the Dress Rehearsal as you would the show, please be sure you are backstage 5 numbers before you are scheduled to perform.

-Please stay until the end of your Dress Rehearsal to practice our Finale Dance/Curtain Call Bow.  We will be learning a short, fun little dance to perform for a finale after every class has taken a bow.  We want all of our dancers to be on stage together for one final show of adoration from our audience members so please stay with us until the end of your Dress Rehearsal to practice our Finale!

-Solo Ball for our solo dancers will be Friday June 14th at 6:00pm at Massena Central High School Auditorium (this performance is free of charge and open to the public!)  Come support your fellow dancers!

Tights/Shoes Needed:

Recital Day! 

-The doors of the auditorium will open one hour prior to each recital time.  Once the performances begin the doors will open between numbers ONLY, this is for the performers’ comfort, as the light, and noise, proves as a distraction when they are on-stage.  It is also for the audiences’ enjoyment of the performance so they can focus all their attention to the hard working dancers! 

-The day of the recital there will be absolutely NO flash photography and absolutely NO videotaping.  You are more than welcome to take pictures and video during dress rehearsal, but for the performers and audience members’ enjoyment alike, we ask that you simply sit back and enjoy the show the day of the recital!  This is a theatrical performance that the students have worked 10 months for, therefore please treat it as such.  These students deserve the utmost respect and reward this day.  We ask that when the students are performing, the noise level in the audience be kept to a minimum, therefore please no talking during the numbers, this is a distraction to the students on-stage as well as the audience members around you.  Please, feel free to show your appreciation for the dancers through applause.

-Recital Admission Tickets are now on sale in the office!  As a reminder, this year we are doing RESERVED SEATING, in order to save time and to be able to choose your seat, be sure to take advantage of this offer!

Single Show Admission Ticket - $8.00

All Three Shows Admission Ticket - $15.00

*Tickets will be available for GENERAL SEATING ONLY (in the back of the house) the day of the show for $10.00


I thank you for your understanding and I also appreciate our wonderful audience members continued support in making Tap to Toe’s Recitals as successful and rewarding as they are.

-Picture Week is Tuesday May 28th through Friday May 31st at the studio.  There will NOT regular classes held Tuesday May 28th, Wednesday May 29th, or Thursday May 30th.

-There will be recital t-shirts available for pre-sale ONLY.  We have extended our order due date to Saturday May 18th.  Please see the office staff to order your 2019 souvenir t-shirt today! Recital T-Shirts will be worn for our Curtain Call/Finale, it is not mandatory that you order a recital tee but any one who will have a recital tee we are asking you to wear them for your final bow!

-There is a recital souvenir sweatshirt that is a ONE TIME ONLY collectors item as we will never sell this sweatshirt style again!  It will be on display in the lobby during Visitors Week.  Place your order with our office staff today!

-There will be RAFFLE TICKETS for sale in the lobby during the rehearsals as well as the day of the recital.  There are additional packets of raffle tickets available in the office!

-There is still time to purchase a Program Ad!  This is a wonderful keepsake for your dancer to look back on for years to come to commemorate their dance journey.  Please see the office staff to purchase your ad today! 

-There will be refreshments, such as water, Gatorade, chips, candy, and pizza for sale in the lobby during the rehearsals as well as the day of the recital. 

-There will be DVDs for sale all the way up to the day of the recital.

-We will have flower bouquets available for PRE-ORDER until Wednesday June 5th.  Take the running around out of recital day and have your dancers flower bouquet ready for you at the auditorium the day of the show…each bouquet will have a special gift in it!

-There will be souvenirs available the day of the recital such as TTSD apparel, TTSD water bottles, and TTSD headbands!

-There will be a light refreshments provided by TTSD after each recital.


 -Performers must be in the backstage area five (5) numbers prior to their dance.  PARENTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR BRINGING THEIR DANCER BACKSTAGE as well as getting their dancer dressed and ready for their performance(s).  Our teachers/student teachers will greet and keep them backstage until their performance. Parents are also responsible for picking up their dancers backstage after they have performed.  We will not hold a performance for a dancer, if a dancer is not backstage for their dance then we must go on without them.  I will not call in the audience for a dancer the day of the recital OR the day of dress rehearsal.  Please be sure that you are backstage and ready to perform five (5) numbers prior to your dance.

-Whenever a dancer is not on-stage but in their costumes, they must wear a COVER-UP

-Dressing rooms will be available in the backstage area for your convenience.  THERE IS NO FOOD OR DRINK ALLOWED IN THE DRESSING ROOM...not only to help to keep someone else’s space neat but also so we can avoid any spills or stains on costumes!  Please be sure to leave the dressing rooms in the condition we walked into them, these are classrooms and the teachers are generous to allow us to use them.  Please pick up after yourself.  Please have your makeup and hair prepared for your first dance when you arrive at the high school for the recital.

*Combo dancers ONLY – parents will bring dancers back for their first number dressed in the appropriate first costume, at that time we ask that you bring a bag with your dancer with all of their shoes and costume pieces CLEARLY labeled.  Our student teachers and senior students will change your dancers in to their second costume backstage, you do not need to leave the audience to help them get ready, we will take care of that for you! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

-I will be placing the last shoe and tight order Friday May 31st.  If you need any shoes, tights, etc for the recital please place your order in the office by this date. 

-Wrap Up Week Schedule!  There WILL be classes the week of June 17th following the recital on a revised schedule:

Monday June 17th 5:00-5:45pm COMBO CLASS Party

Monday June 17th 5:45-6:30pm Intro Classes for Combo Students

Monday June 17th 6:30-7:15pm Grades 4-6 PRE-TEEN CLASS Party

Monday June 17th 7:15-8:00pm Intro Classes for Grades 4-6 Pre-Teen Students

Wednesday June 19th 5:00-5:45pm CREATIVE MOVEMENT CLASS Party (age 3)

Wednesday June 19th 5:45-6:15pm Intro Classes for Creative Movement (3 year old) Students

Wednesday June 19th 6:15-7:00pm Grades 7-12 TEEN/SENIOR CLASS Party

Wednesday June 19th 7:00-7:45pm Intro Classes for Grades 7-12 Teen/Senior Students

Thursday June 20th 5:00-5:45pm Grades 1-3 DIVA CLASS Party

Thursday June 20th 5:45-6:30pm Intro Classes for Grades 1-3 Diva Students

Be sure to attend your Wrap Up Week Classes for special treats and games during your party and Intro Classes for an introduction to the classes available to students next season so you can get a better idea for what you may like to try!

*We will be doing registration for both summer and next season during our Wrap Up Week Classes!

-We will be holding pre-registration for CURRENT STUDENT for the 2019-2020 dance year on from June 3rd through June 6th from 5-8pm and June 17th from 5-7pm, June 19th from 5-8pm, and June 20th from 5-7pm in the office.  Beat the rush and sign up for classes before spaces fill up!  ***THERE WILL BE AN INCENTIVE FOR ANYONE WHO PRE-REGISTERS FOR NEXT YEAR’S CLASSES…ANYONE WHO PRE-REGISTERS, AND FULFILLS ALL THE PRE-REGISTRATION DUTIES, WILL GET THEIR NAME ENTERED IN A RAFFLE FOR A YEAR’S WORTH OF FREE TUITION!***  All accounts from the previous dance season must be current and you must comply with the new registration requirements in order to be entered in the raffle!

-New House Programs for the 2019-2020 Dance Season

12 Week 2 year old Program (30 minutes)

12 Week 3 year old Program (30 minutes)

6 Week Toddler Tune Time Program for Toddlers and Caregivers (45 minutes)

12 Week Training for Tumbling Program for ages 5-9 (45 minutes)

Acro Class for ages 10 and up (45 minutes)

Combination Classes in Ballet and Tap/Ballet and Hip Hop for ages 4 and 5 (45 minutes)

3 Levels of House Students:

Mini (grades 1-4)

Junior (grades 5-8)

Senior (grades 9-12)

30-minute classes in the following genres for Mini, Junior, and Senior House Students



Hip Hop


Musical Theatre

Irish Step Dancing

Cheer and Chant

-For Mini, Junior, and Senior age groups there will be base charged for your first 30-minute class then each additional class you wish to take will only be $10 per month!!!  We hope this make more classes accessible to more students!

*A Big/Little Dance for students Combo Age and up will be offered for our June Recital starting in January and going until June!  The class will be performance piece similar to our Company Production number for our House students who would like a little something different!  This must be taken as a “second class” and will be considered an add-on from your Jan-June tuition!

*There will be a drop in classes offered to our students at no additional charge at least 5 times per year

-Summer Programs!

One Day Camps:

Princess Party for ages 3 and upWednesday July 10th from 1:00-4:00pm

Music Video Workshop for ages 6 and upThursday July 11th from 5:00-7:00pm

Fancy Nancy Tea Party for ages 3 and up Wednesday July 17th from 1:00-3:00pm

Disney Jr Dance Party for ages 2 and up Thursday July 18th from 5:00-7:00pm

Superhero Camp for ages 2 and upThursday July 31stfrom 5:00-7:00pm

Paw Patrol Party for ages 2 and up Wednesday July 24th from 1:00-3:00pm

JoJo with the Bow Bow Party for ages 3 and upThursday July 25th from 5:00-7:00pm

Musical Theatre Camp for ages 5 and up

Aerial Silk Class with Miss Nikki Orlando for ages 6 and up To Be Announced

Weekly Classes:

Acro/Tumble Class for Beginners ages 6 and upTuesdays from July 2nd through 30th for 5 weeks 5:00-5:45pm

Acro/Tumble Class for Intermediate ages 8 and upTuesdays from July 2nd through 30th for 5 weeks 5:45-6:30pm

Acro/Tumble Class for Advanced ages 12 and upWednesdays from July 3rd through 31st for 5 weeks 6:00-6:45pm

Technique Class for ages 6-10 (Intermediate) Tuesdays from July 2nd through 30th from 6:30-7:30pm

Technique Class for ages 11 and up (Advanced) Wednesdays from July 3rd through 31st for 5 weeks from 6:45-8:15pm

Adult Class for ages 18 and up Wednesdays from July 3rd through 31st for 5 weeks 8:15-9:00pm

***All summer day camps and weekly classes MUST HAVE 5 students enrolled to sustain the camp/class.  Participants DO NOT have to be Tap to Toe students…all are welcome!  Bring family that is visiting, friends that don’t dance, boys and girls…come beat the “I’m bored” summer chant with these unique and fun classes!

Stop by the office desk to enroll for any/all of our Summer Programs!  Deadline to enroll for Summer Programs is Saturday June 29th so we can make sure there are enough students enrolled to sustain each camp/class!

-Once again I would like to take the time to thank each and every one of my students, parents, and supporters of Tap to Toe.  You make living my dream possible.  I feel so incredibly blessed to wake up everyday WANTING to go to my “job.”  I hope my passion for teaching and love of dance inspire all of you as much as each one of you inspire me!  I am so proud of your hard work and dedication throughout the year so let’s go out on that stage and dance our hearts out because “all we have is time.”    

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